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Busy teachers and parents need all the help they can get, which is why we make it easy to view our selection of FREE activities, many submitted by people like you! Submit Your Activity Here!

BioColor® App
Watch top 10 activities for children using BioColor® paint!
Kids' Crafts App
Browse a wide selection of free activities for children!

Shape Hats
Wearing their shape hats and working with a partner, children will learn to describe and recognize descriptions of colors and shapes.

  • To reinforce shape and color recognition
  • To develop descriptive language and reasoning skills
  • To develop cooperation and social skills

  • Ocean Collaborative
    This is an interdisciplinary-based curriculum including earth science and the visual arts. Expressive therapies could also be included, if appropriate.

  • To encourage appreciation for nature and introduce the exploration of earth sciences.

  • Crabby Art
    Turn paper plates into crabs and allow children to create their own creature!

  • Use project with story time or encourage children to create their own tale about their crabs.
  • Utilize crabs for activities such as crab race, crab walk or just decorate the classroom!
  • Encourage children to experiment with colors and faces as they create their crab.

  • Fourth of July Noisemakers
    Why not make some noise of your own while watching the fireworks on the 4th of July with these recycled water bottles?

  • To teach children how to use everyday objects and turn them into fun projects
  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To teach kids the colors of the American flag, incorporating this into a 4th of July theme

  • Sunflowers
    This is a fun activity that kids seem to love and parents think it’s a great decoration!

  • Development of creativity and fine motor skills.

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